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Campaign Creation Checklist - USA/Canada/UK

This checklist will help ensure that you have everything ready before creating your crowdfunding campaign on Crowdera. If you need any assistance, feel free to reach out to or chat with us. Our customer success team will help resolve your queries at the earliest.

Login to Crowdera with your Email and Password. You can also login faster via Google or Facebook.
If you log in with Google or Facebook you can directly create a campaign. In case you choose to login via email and password, you will receive an activation link in your email. On clicking the link your account will get activated and you can create a campaign.

Hit Create a campaign in the tab on the top right corner.

Click to start your crowdfunding campaign which can be completed within 5 mins provided you have the pre-requisites ready. Campaigns can be created for any cause aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Such campaigns can be initiated by an individual, a non-profit, a company, or a startup.

Step 1:

Display Name: Typically the name of the organization or the Individual.

Fundraising Goal: We recommend starting lean and then increasing the goal or running another campaign later.

Duration of a campaign: Typically we recommend 30, 45 or 90 days as per various successful use cases. If you want the campaign to be active forever click on Always On. The initial few days post the launch are very crucial for fundraising success and you should share your campaign as much as possible with your existing networks, asking them to contribute and share further. The campaign duration can be extended later on.

Telephone Number: Add your contact details here so our campaign manager can contact you, if needed.

Campaign Title (My plan is): This is one of the first things contributors will notice when they see your campaign. This is also the text that will be displayed when your campaign is shared on social media. Ensure you have a catchy Title which strikes a chord with your audience. The title limit is 55 characters and should not have any special characters.

My campaign Web address: You can customize the URL, it can be anything related to the campaign (for eg: campaign title, the name of the organisation, your name). This can later be shared on social media and other networks. (Note: Please do not add any special characters or leave any space; also do not add any website address)

Campaign Description: A brief description of your campaign. The limit for this is 140 characters and should not have any special characters

Step 2:

Add Category: Add relevant category related to your campaign

Country: Select your country and add your city name (your current location in a single word)

Entity: Add the entity (individual, Nonprofit and other)

Video: Please add a YouTube video link about the organization and/or the project. The video should ideally be about 2 to 3 minutes long. Please add the base URL as short URL is not accepted by the platform.

Images: Maximum 5 images can be added. Specifications – Aspect ratio should be 3:2 width; In terms of size, maximum size should be 3 MB and minimum 1 MB, in .jpg and .png formats. Images should be related to the campaign.

For medical emergency campaign-add hospital reports or bills
For education base campaign- add any education course/fees related document

Social Sharing: Connect your social media accounts to increase your credibility. Add Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn user URL.

Tags: Hashtags help in better search results for your campaign on Crowdera. Use relevant keywords that you feel best to describe your campaign

Admin: You can add 3 co-owners in addition to yourself to the campaign. (It is a paid feature)

Impact Assessment: How much amount are required to impact one life

Story (About): A typical story covers the following

Details about the Project/ Campaign
Why are you crowdfunding?
Who will this project benefit?
Relevant information about yourself and your present activities
Your past accomplishments/awards/success stories, if any
About the organization (Don’t forget to mention that you are an 80G registered nonprofit if you are from India or 501c3 nonprofit organization if you are from the USA )
You can also add more pictures, links, and videos in this section under relevant sections.
Individuals should add what is the campaign all about and what will be the expected impact.

Spend Matrix: How will the funds be used? Every contributor wants to see how his or her funds will be utilized. The spend matrix makes it easier for you by creating the graph of your spend automatically.

Add amount and related expense and hit save and click to + for adding a new one.
Note that the spend should not exceed the goal amount

About Your Project: Answer simple Q&A (128 characters with no special characters). This can be skipped

3 reasons to fund your campaign: Donors want to know why they should fund your campaign. You are the best advocate for your cause and campaign! Keep the limit to 140 characters and there should not be any special characters

Perks: Perks are the return gift to your donors. You can offer creative perks that are easier to fulfil and won’t require too much manpower (packing, shipping and delivering). Perks can be intangible as well, as simple as a customized Thank you note! Perks are not mandatory but highly recommended

Step 3:

Display information:

For an organization add organization name and Website address
For individual add Name and Facebook URL (for eg.
Add the campaign display picture which should be related to the campaign.

Personal Information: This is for internal purposes only. Add your name, email id, and contact number

For Indian campaigns:

Add your verification document: Individuals need to add either a PAN or Aadhar card scan copy.
If you are raising for a for-profit organisation, community or Nonprofit organisation, scan copy of organisation pan is needed.
Image size should be between 1 MB and 3 MB and should be either in jpg. or .png formats

Payment gateway: You have the choice of using Wepay or PayPal as your payment gateway. Please note that the payment gateway fees depend on the type of account you have with the gateway. We recommend using Wepay as a payment gateway.

Automated Donation Receipts: If you are a 501(c)3 organization, then by just adding some simple information such as organisation EIN number for USA and organisation registration number for UK and Canada you can offer Automated donation receipts that will be sent out to all your donors.

Nonprofits can provide customisable tax receipts to donors (Its a paid feature). Nonprofits wishing to provide Tax Receipts directly from Crowdera are required to provide the following details:
EIN/Registration Number
Serial No
Deductible Status
Zip code
Phone number
Digital signature

Password protected: Password protection is a paid feature, which allows campaign owners option to share their campaigns with a particular donor base. Password protected campaigns do not get publicly indexed on Google. Password protection is a highly sought after feature for various use cases. If you decide to keep your campaign password protected you have to share the password with your donors for them to donate.

Happy Crowdfunding!
Crowdera Crew

Updated on: 07/22/2023

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