As a campaign owner or co-owner, you can easily cancel or delete your campaign or websites from within your Crowdera account, unless the campaign(s) in the pending state.

Important information on ending your Campaign:

Removing your campaign does not automatically refund donations made to your campaign.

Removing your campaign doesn't affect your disbursements at all. Any pending disbursements will continue to be processed even if you take down your campaign.

Before ending your campaign, we strongly recommend posting a final update to your campaign. A final update will reduce confusion among your supporters about where the campaign went or why it is no longer accepting donations.

Only a campaign owner or co-owner can delete campaigns or websites. If you're a team member, you'll have to reach out to the campaign owner/co-owner

If a campaign has ended and you want to re-activate the same, it can be done by Crowdera support crew only. For further support regarding the same, please reach out to
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