Login to gocrowdera.com with your email id password, or with Google plus or With Facebook id, If you log in with G+ or Facebook you can directly create a webpage and if you have a login with email id password you will receive an activation link, on clicking the link you can create a webpage.

Click to start your crowdfunding Website( if you are a from registered Non-profit organisation or company you can create a webpage, Note: Individuals are not eligible to create it) within 15 mins

Hello! We have put together this checklist to ensure you have everything ready before creating your Donation website on Crowdera. If you need any assistance or help feel free to reach out to support@gocrowdera.com

Name Of Your Organization: Name of the organization.

Fundraisers Web Address: You can customize the url. It can be related to the organization. This can later be shared on social media and other networks.(do not add any website address or space or special characters)

Your Location: Where are you currently located. Mention city name only.

Fundraisers Entity: Please enter you fundraising entity (Nonprofit, community or organization)

Fundraisers Category: Enter the relevant category

A Small description of your Organization: A brief description of your organization. Limit: 140 characters

Video: A YouTube or Vimeo link that talks about the organization and the project.(Add full link and not the short one) Ideally should be about 2 to 3 minutes long.

Images: Maximum 5 images. Specifications – Aspect ratio of 3:2 width major and maximum size 3 MB and minimum 1mb size and in .jpg and .png format.

Social Sharing: Add facebook, linkedin, and twitter id user url

# Tags: Hashtags help in searching for the campaign on Crowdera. Use relevant keywords that you feel best to describe your campaign.

Admin: You can add up to 3 admins to your donation website. They will have access to edit the website. Adding admins is a paid feature

Impact Assessment: How many lives it is going to impact and what would be the impact
About: Tell us about your organization. Introduce your organization in brief.

About Your Project: the purpose of your fundraiser, the challenges you are facing with your current fundraising efforts.(500 characters with no special characters)

3 Reasons to Donate: Campaigners want to know why they should fund your campaign. You are the best advocate for your cause and campaign.

Offering Perks: You can offer creative perks that are easier to fulfill and won’t require too much manpower(packing, shipping and delivering). Perks can be intangible as well, as simple as a customized Thank you note! Perks are not mandatory, it is return gift to the donors who donate you

Add more details of your organisation: Organisation journey, Awards, recognition achieved, how it will impact .500 character is the limit)please do not add any special characters)

Organization: provide some more details about your organization. Name, Address, Representative name, Web address, Registration Number, Pan card number of your organisation, organisation logo.

Payment gateway: we suggest you to select citrus as your Payment gateway as it has flexible disbursement facility
1) Citrus: which has a better disbursement facility within 7 working days of contribution received you will receive funds in your account directly, wherein you have to fill your bank details with your email id and mobile number in the page itself. And payment gateway charge is 3.75%

2)Pay u money: Disbursement will happen next month second week, of the contribution received in the current month. with payment gateway charge 3.99%.

Accepting for Foreign Funding: If a campaign is raised in India, and you raise campaign from an NGO you need to send a scanned copy of FCRA certificate for our verification. As foreign funds will come to crowdera's PayPal we are going to transfer the amount once the campaign ends after 45 days.

If you wish to offer Tax Receipts directly from Crowdera you Will need to provide the following details-(it’s a paid feature)

a. Registration Name
b. Registration Number
c. Date of Registration
d. Expiry Date
e. Address
f. PAN Card Number
g. Phone Number
h. Digital Signature
I. Serial No.

Add FCRA details

Send your organisation Pan card on Support@gocrowdera.com

Happy Crowdfunding!
Crowdera Crew
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