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How can I manage comments on my campaign?

Campaign owner or co-owner can enable or disable the comments within a campaign.

To enable your network to join you in telling the story and sharing special memories, they will be able to post photos to your campaign along with their comments or donations. Their photos and comments will appear at the bottom of your campaign page, as a feed of activity.

While you are unable to tag a commenter, you are welcome to add your own comment by clicking in the comment box, writing your response, and clicking "Post."

To delete comments, follow these steps:

Click on the comments section.
Click on the desired comment.
You will find an option to delete the comment.
Delete & you're done.

To turn all comments, follow these steps:
Click on the comment section.
Under the comments, you will find the detailed comments section.
Click it.

If someone is leaving harassing comments on your campaign, we recommend turning off the commenting feature on your campaign and notifying our team!

Updated on: 08/26/2019

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