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How do I add a campaign/fundraiser to the Fundraising website?

Once you have created your Fundraising Website, you can start creating campaigns or fundraisers within it. Creating one fundraiser on the website is absolutely free. For the creation of more than one fundraiser or multiple websites, please reach out to for pricing.

The steps to add a campaign within the fundraising website are as below:
Login to Your Crowdera account
Click on the Username on the right-hand side and in the drop-down, click on Dashboard.
In the dashboard, click on Website on the left-hand menu bar.
Click on create one here and you can start a new campaign/fundraiser for any cause, project or program inside the website.

Anyone - Individuals, Nonprofit organizations, foundations, startups or corporates who want to raise funds for their causes, innovation, impact or need can create a campaign on Crowdera.

We have created a detailed Playbook to help you create a campaign quickly and efficiently. Please refer to the Campaign Creation Playbook here.

You can also refer our Crowdfunding Success Ebook here for a detailed deep-dive on best practices to be followed.

For more crowdfunding guidelines please check out our FAQ section.

Our fantastic customer support team is always there to support you. Feel free to chat with us or email us at for your query resolution.

Updated on: 07/22/2023

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