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CAUSE: NonProfit

Prajwala has successfully rescued and rehabilitated over 16,000 women and girls from the flesh trade. They had to set up an emergency shelter and a rehabilitation unit for survivors of sex trafficking and secure Prajwala following a series of attacks on Prajwala staff and facilities by miscreants and non-cooperative landlord, otherwise, all efforts made for rescuing the survivors of sex trafficking would be futile.

When Dr. Suntha Krishnan came to us, the location of the Rescue Center for anti-sex trafficking was confirmed but building the Rescue Center required money. Dr. Sunita Krishnan didn't have any investor to support her organization. Crowdera was her only hope to fundraise the amount required for building the rescue center within a stipulated time. Prajwala got a huge boost in fundraising by leveraging Crowdera's Team Fundraising and syndication framework. Crowdera built an appealing story for the campaign and built the pre-launch and launch strategy for raising funds to build the Economic Rehabilitation Center, Headquarters, and Emergency Shelter. Crowdera customer success team monitored the campaign progress on a daily basis and helped Prajwala leverage various platform features to help them fundraise faster. Crowdera also helped her in donor outreach, donor communication, social media marketing, and digital ads.

Prajwala successfully raised $2,60,100 over 2 campaigns with the support of all their donors and the platform. The rehabilitation center and emergency shelter were successfully built and the rescued women and girls have started doing work for the sustainability of the organization and are respectfully earning their livelihood too.

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CAUSE: Nonprofit

Micheal Bakal from Voses y Manos has been working with Crowdera for 7 years now, every year raising funds to solve various pressing issues of the community, primarily in Guatemala. Voces y Manos is a 501(C) 3 public charity based out of California and supports young people in envisioning the change they wish to see in their communities, then developing projects to bring the necessary change to happen. Voses y Manos wanted to fundraise for various causes on Crowdera Platform including a project on Soil Conservation, supporting youth leadership in Guatemala, providing University scholarship and internship to young students from the indigenous community of Rabinal and in purchasing two egg incubators to provide a sustainable source of funding for additional student-led projects.

Voses y Manos has fundraised for 6 campaigns until now. For every campaign, Crowdera provided a compelling campaign story along with an excellent framework and a proactive customer success team. Crowdera laid out a detailed strategy for the donor outreach and formed an effective social media plan to create a buzz about every campaign created by Michael. Setting up a pre-launch, launch and post-launch strategies helped Micheal achieve his goal in almost every campaign.

Micheal has been a Crowdera evangelist for 7 years now, which says a lot about the support he has been receiving from Crowdera. Voses y Manos not only reached its goal but overshot it thrice, which helped them in the project of soil conservation and supporting the youth leadership program at Guatemala. The other campaigns also did well and helped Michael and the Voses y Manos in creating a positive framework in their community, making the whole process more inclusive for youth. Crowdera helped them in realizing their short-term impacts which included well-researched projects aiming to improve the quality of life of families in rural Guatemala. Crowdera is proud to support Michael in the process of creating long-term and sustainable impact by creating a generation of youth leaders equipped to bring about the most needed change in their communities in Guatemala.

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CAUSE: Nonprofit

"Two Cents of Hope" came onboard to raise funds for their event, "The Relay 2015". The 200 miles relay was organized to raise funds for underprivileged Children in India. Being a nonprofit organization, Two Cents of Hope was struggling to get funds for advertisement and overall expense management of the event.
Crowdera provided "Two Cents of Hope" access to its premium fundraising suite, with unlimited Team Fundraising syndication, along with excellent support almost 24/7 from the customer success team. In addition, Crowdera also helped them in expanding their donor outreach by formulating an excellent marketing strategy and implementing it. We wrote their ad scripts and built a responsive email marketing funnel.
"Two Cents of Hope" ended up raising 122% of their goal amount more than their goal within the stipulated time frame. After fundraising on Crowdera, Two Cents of Hope adopted a school in Chennai for underprivileged children, which is still up and running.

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CAUSE: Community Development

Brandi Clark from Austin Eco network wanted to raise funds to create an Election navigator for Austin’s first 10-1 general election. She wanted it to be a free community-driven data-rich tool to empower voters to identify the strongest and most sustainable minded candidates for City Council and Mayor. Brandi wanted to raise funds to build the election navigator tool and also in reaching out to potential voters within Austin for using the tool.

Crowdera provided Austin Eco network a compelling campaign story; pre-launch, launch and post-launch strategies along with impressive social media campaigns. With our constant support and initial boost, Brandi raised $5000 matching Challenge grant from Kirk Mitchell within the first few weeks of the campaign launch.

Crowdera helped Brandi and team realize their goal within 29 days of campaign creation. Because of Crowdera's marketing strategies the campaign gained a lot of local support and raised 93% of the requisite funds for building the Election navigator tool.

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CAUSE: Adventure Sports

Adventure Beyond Barriers, India’s leading adventure sports organization catering to adventurers with a disability, wanted to organize an event with Ten blind as well as sighted tandem cycling teams, with the objective to cycle 550 km from Manali to Khardung La, the highest motorable road in the world!
Divyanshu Ganatra, the founder, approached Crowdera as he wanted to raise funds for this expedition and make the event a success - providing the experience of a lifetime to the participants without compromising on their safety. The fund requirement included cyclists' accommodation, food, and living expenses, costs of the tandem cycles and maintenance, support vehicle, basic medical requirements, as well as the expense of practice runs in the months leading up to the event.

Adventure Beyond Barriers got a huge boost in fundraising by leveraging Crowdera's Team Fundraising and syndication framework. Crowdera built an appealing story for the campaign and also built the pre-launch and launch strategy. Crowdera customer success team monitored the campaign progress on a daily basis and helped ABBF leverage various platform features to help them fundraise faster. Crowdera also helped her in donor outreach, donor communication, social media marketing, and digital ads.

Within the first 3 months, ABBF realized 84% of their goal. This fund was used for taking care of the food, transportation and accommodation needs of 10 blind cyclists (participants) plus 5 support crew. The funds also provided them a budget for post-event filming and maintenance of cycles. Soon enough, motivated by the outcomes of their first campaign ABBF created another campaign within 3 months on Crowdera. In their second campaign also, they again raised 70% of the goal amount very quickly. All the funds raised from Crowdera helped ABBF in fulfilling their commitments to the participants and made the tandem cycling expedition successful.

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CAUSE: Education

Seth Boyden Demonstration School is a 501(c)3 nonprofit based out of Maplewood, New Jersey, which follows a teaching philosophy that embraces the theory of Multiple Intelligences. The school association partnered with Crowdera as they wanted to build an exciting outdoor learning center that stimulates the minds and bodies of the students. Supporting the Multiple Intelligences framework adopted by Seth Boyden, the proposed learning center aimed to provide opportunities for outdoor and environmental learning, physical and sensory activities, performance, and exploration and discovery of the natural world. They had to raise the required funds within a short period of time.

Crowdera provided them access to premium platform features for their campaign completely free. The campaign created a buzz about outdoor learning centers and targeted many donors to come forward and contribute. Crowdera team crafted the pre-launch and launch strategies along with the social media strategy. With the right promotional activities and a compelling campaign story, Seth Boyden Demonstration school became successful in not only raising the goal amount but exceeding it in a very less amount of time.

With the support of Crowdera, the outdoor learning center has been finally established. After crowdfunding on Crowdera, Seth Boyden Demonstration school didn't need any more funds to put their idea into perspective. The outdoor learning center has inspired similar architectural concepts as well.

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CAUSE: Social upliftment

Haiti earthquake affected around 3 million people and a reported death count of around 230,000. As a result of the earthquake, many lost their homes and loved ones and were forced to live in government camps. Laura Simms, a social worker, and storyteller decided to help the adolescent girls living in these camps by providing them access to different art forms. These girls often underwent physical, mental and sexual exploitation in these camps. Looking at the scenario, Laura Simms created a campaign on Crowdera which aimed at raising funds to provide a safe place to the girls as well as to train them in leadership, fiscal literacy, health education, and to become a self-sustainable girls' group.

Crowdera's team got aligned with Laura Simms campaign, "Girls Write Haiti" and helped her with donor outreach, spreading a word about the issue, strategizing the social media marketing campaigns and overall campaign strategy. In no time, Girls write Haiti became a hugely successful campaign.

Due to Crowdera's support, Laura Simms' project was immensely successful and the project is still up and running. Following the success of her first campaign, Laura created another campaign called "Kids Thrive Haiti", which also successfully raised the required funds to bring immediate aid for the children affected by the Haiti earthquake. The amount raised was used to design, develop and fund programming for the children in the camp as well as buy supplies.

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MACHAA - Socks for a Cause

CAUSE: Community Development

Machaaa wanted to change the world one pair of feet at a time with uniquely designed socks and also pay it forward by donating a pair of socks to shelter home children for every pair they sold. Maccha partnered with Zero gravity, a nonprofit organization that works with underprivileged children to donate new, fresh and clean socks to kids. Maccha needed to raise funds for manufacturing, producing and marketing of the whole concept and that's why they wanted help from the Crowdera platform.

Crowdera helped Akhil Dua craft a compelling campaign story; and also made pre-launch, launch and post-launch strategies. The featured campaigns planned and designed by Crowdera's team took the cause to the next level.

Machaa ended up having supporters throughout India. While running this campaign on Crowdera, Machaa gained fantastic brand visibility in addition to the manufacturing and marketing needs. They also held a socks donation camp for underprivileged kids in Nagpur where 30 kids between the ages of 6 - 12 years received a pair of brand socks. Crowdera always welcomes new ideas and innovations like Machaa and as a next step, has opened up a private fundraising feature to help him raise more funds.

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CAUSE: Sports

Life Vest Inside, a USA based nonprofit, with a mission to empower and unite the world with kindness, wanted to raise $5,000 to produce their 3rd Annual WorldWide Dance for Kindness FlashMob song on the occasion of World Kindness Day, and make it accessible in different languages for maximum global outreach. The wanted to fundraise on Crowdera to pay for the recording studio, hiring musicians and producers, mixing and mastering the final recording of their song “Revolution of Love”.

Crowdera's team helped Life Vest Inside with donor outreach, spreading the word about the Dance for Kindness Flashmob song, strategizing the social media marketing campaigns and overall campaign strategy. In no time, it became a hugely successful campaign.

The Dance for Kindness FlashMob song was successfully made and garnered huge attention via social media. Crowdera always welcomes new ideas like that of the flashmob initiated by Life Vest Inside and as a next step, has opened up premium fundraising features to help him raise more funds for their further campaigns.

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