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"I have always found the Crowdera crew to be very helpful. They have often gone out of their way to support the many campaigns that we have run on their platform. I would recommend this free platform to every nonprofit."
George Rakesh Babu, founder, Good Samaritans, Hyderabad

"Voces y Manos has been using Crowdera for the past several years, and it has been an incredibly powerful resource in helping us reach our fundraising goals. Thanks to Crowdera, we've raised thousands of dollars to help young people in Guatemala reach their dreams of furthering their education. Not only has Crowdera not taken a percentage of proceeds, but they also provide invaluable logistical support in a timely way, evening championing our cause on their own social media. I'm a huge fan of Crowdera, and very grateful for what they do!"
Michael Bakal, Voces y Manos

"I was always skeptical about raising funds through CrowdFunding. Though a very popular medium overseas always thought it would be in a very nascent state here in India. Crowdera not just took me through the whole process but helped in shedding my skepticism.
It's been a wonderful experience with wholehearted support for my Cause by Crowdera and team. The response to my campaign was well received and fully backed up by Crowdera.
Would recommend Crowdera to all looking to crowdfund. Their platform is very smooth and easy to handle and makes creating, sharing and updating the Campaign very easy.
Keep it up and wish you all the best."
Sanjay Nagar, founder, Kohka Foundation, Madhya Pradesh

Crowdera was an excellent choice. We definitely made the right decision in going ahead with them. Working with them was a breeze. They had shown a great commitment to help our campaign succeed. We would love to choose them again.
Ranu Jain Gupta, VP – My Sanika Cancer Care Society, Indore

The service provided by Crowdera so far is excellent. Social media is a very potent tool if used in the right ways and Crowdera is one such place where it is being used in a very meaningful way. The kind of personalized support I received especially by Ms. Rimpa Vora is exceptional and way beyond my expectations.
Shri Krishan Datt

I loved crowdfunding on Crowdera. The support team is extremely helpful and gave me many useful tips on how to make my campaign more appealing, and I found the service very easy to use. I will be sure to recommend the service to any of my friends who need to raise funds through crowdfunding.
Siddharth S Singh

The registering process was simple and faster, good relationship team, who contacted us immediately on how to go about raising funds to networks and contacts, Thank you.
New Vision

I am glad to say that this site has helped me tremendously. I am a lower-middle-class man trying to build a shelter for helpless cat found around my house. I am spending 50% of my salary to make it possible to survive this cat and her kitten (3). Day by day they are grown-up and I got myself in tight corners from every side. I was frustrated being helpless. At this time, I found this site while surfing and it is a miracle for me. Even for a noble & genuine cause, I was reluctant to ask my friends and relatives for help but the task has become very easy with the site.
Thank you very very much CROWDERA.

We have been looking for avenues to get fund for social entrepreneurship. Having an angel and VC at this stage is challenging. Thanks to this platform for enabling such cause to gain traction. Timely response and guidance from Crowdera team make this whole process seamless. Keep going!
Manjunatha Rao

Very impressive service. Very prompt and eager to take the campaign live. Helped on every detail both on email and on the phone. Very happy with service quality. Hope to have more business in the future.
Joydip Kar

Updated on: 09/04/2019

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