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What are the rights of a campaign owner and co-owner?

The person who creates a campaign is referred to the Campaign Owner.

People who are nominated by a campaign owner to manage and work for a campaign or a fundraising website are called as co-owners.

A co-owner can do the following:
Edit campaign details
Validate team requests
Enable or disable teams
Edit team details

An owner can create upto 3 co-owners in addition to him/her for managing a campaign or a fundraising website. However, adding more co-owners is a paid feature

Steps to add co-owners into a campaign for a campaign owner are:
Login to your Crowdera account
Click on the drop down under Username
Click on the dashboard. On the left-hand side you can see the campaign/website fields
Find your campaign/ website and click on the edit option.
Edit your campaign/website and add co-owners

If you have received an invitation for being a co-owner of a campaign, do the following:
Register / Login on Crowdera
Click on the drop-down under Username
Click on My Campaigns
Make the required changes to campaign you have been added to

Updated on: 08/21/2019

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