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What is a Fundraising Website and fundraisers?

Fundraising website is a specially designed tool which enhances the fundraising capability multifold by providing you a proprietary two-level deep syndication framework.

Any Nonprofit, organization, corporate and community can create a Fundraising website.

It is a framework wherein all the information of your organization will be there, it works as a parent website of your organization, wherein you can raise funds for 24*7 as it does not have any deadline and the biggest benefit is you can raise multiple campaigns/fundraisers inside it.

All funds raised into different fundraiser can be monitored and gets reflected in the framework. Everything can also be managed from a single dashboard.

Fundraisers are campaigns which can be created under a fundraising website for an organization.

Any organization can leverage the full power of a donation website by running multiple fundraisers on various causes within the same website. Each fundraiser can, in turn, have a team fundraising feature, which can further amplify an organization’s fundraising outreach.

This is the proprietary 3 level deep syndication framework which helps amply an organization's fundraising efforts by 100X if leveraged correctly.

Steps to add a fundraiser/campaign to a Fundraising website?
For the owner of the webpage:
Login to your Crowdera account
Click on the username on the right-hand side and in the drop-down, you will see Dashboard.
Click on the dashboard and you will see the Website on the left-hand side.
Click on the Website.
Click on Fundraiser and then you can start a campaign for any cause, project, program inside the website. Creating one fundraiser on the website is absolutely free, however for creating more than one, you would have to purchase a paid plan.

You do not need to put bank details in the fundraiser. The details will be directly fetched from the fundraising website.

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Updated on: 07/22/2023

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