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What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a popular way for people or organizations having few direct means to fund their initiatives, which benefit the community or amplify their goals, to fund projects by a large group of people, mainly via the Internet and social media. It helps individuals and organizations reach their financial goals by receiving and leveraging small contributions from their network.
All you need is a mission to do something good, a funding goal and time frame, some cool perks to promise to your supporters and show gratitude, and a network of family, friends, and fans/ followers/customers to better promote your campaign

Gocrowdera aims to bridge this gap and help organizations reaching out to an even wider audience to gain support for their mission.
By crowdfunding online with Gocrowdera, organizations can connect to people around the world who believe in a similar cause.

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Updated on: 07/03/2023

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