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What is Private Fundraising and how can you leverage it?

We understand the need to hide your information due to privacy concerns. Some use cases for wanting to do a private fundraising is when you are raising money for medical treatment, for political campaign or as a startup.

Private fundraising are also used widely for pre-launch of campaigns wherein you raise money from your close supporters in private mode before going live. This increases the odds of fundraising success as people are more willing to donate to your cause if you already have donors, as compared to you launching your campaign with 0% raised.

If you would like your campaign to be removed from the public search directory and only be visible to those whom you have shared your campaign link, then switching to a private campaign is just the thing to do. Crowdera's private fundraisers do not get indexed on Google and can only be opened by donors with whom you have shared the campaign password.

To make your Crowdera campaign a private one, you have to enable the tickbox during your campaign creation process. Its as simple as that.

Private fundraising is a paid feature.

If you wish you activate private fundraising feature, please chat with us or drop us an email at

Updated on: 08/22/2019

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