Before approving a campaign, we go through all the details provided by you.
We will contact you for any missing items or if we feel your campaign needs and can be enhanced.
The checklist including but not limited to:

Cause - Is it a social good cause that aims to help the community.
Title - Whether your title is apt and conveys the essence of your campaign.
Description - Will the contributors understand your aim and the cause you raising funds for.
Story - Have you provided adequate information for the contributor to make his or her decision to contribute.
Social Reference - If you have provided details to your social media and whether you or your organization popular.
Website check - Whether the link to the website or Facebook page is working and related to your cause and/or belongs to you.
Founder/Management - How motivated and active is the founder and management of the campaign. Feasibility - Is it possible to achieve your goal within the stipulated time.
Images - Are the images high resolution and appropriate.
Video - A relevant video.

You can also check our Campaign Creation Playbook for more visual information.
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