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What is the approval process for campaigns and websites?

Campaign Approval Process:

After you submit a campaign, the campaign goes through an approval process. Once the campaign is approved, it goes live on the Crowdera platform.

The various stages of a campaign are:
Draft Stage
Live Stage
Pending Stage (only applicable for India)
Verified Stage (Approved)

Before approving a campaign, we go through all the details provided by you. The Crowdera compliance team may contact you for any missing fields or documents or if we feel your campaign can be enhanced.

The checklist includes but is not limited to:
Cause - Is it a social good cause that aims to help the community.
Title - Is your title apt and conveys the essence of your campaign.
Description - Do the donors understand your aim and the cause you raising funds for.
Story - Have you provided adequate information for the donors to entice them to donate.
Social Reference - Have you provided adequate details on your personal or organization’s social media profiles
URL check - Does the link to the website or facebook page provided by you works and related to your cause and/or belongs to you.
Founder/Management - How motivated and active is the founder and management of the campaign.
Feasibility - Is it possible to achieve your fundraising goal within the stipulated time.
Images - Are the images high resolution and appropriate.
Video - Is the video uploaded relevant to the campaign.

If your campaign has been saved as a draft, you can edit the campaign from your dashboard and add more details or submit it for validation when you have added all the fields.

Pending status indicates that your campaign is still being verified by Crowdera compliance team.. Your campaign may have some missing fields because of which payments made by donors may not get verified.

Campaigns from India only go into Pending status and have to be validated. Campaigns from other countries go into Live stage automatically.

Campaigns are generally approved and not rejected unless there are red flags like KYC mismatch, incomplete information despite multiple reminders or false information.

Fundraising Website Approval Process:

Fundraising website will undergo an approval process wherein our compliance team goes through all aspects of the campaign, social media links, images etc. We will contact you for any missing items or if we feel your donation website needs and can be enhanced.

The checklist for the fundraising website is the same as that for the campaign mentioned above.

If your fundraising website is saved as a draft, you can edit the website and fill in the required fields and then submit it for validation.

Pending status indicates that your campaign is still being verified by the compliance team.
Your campaign might have missing fields because of which your payment field(s) is not verified.

|| Considering we process multiple campaigns and websites on a daily basis, the approval process usually takes 2-3 working days.

Please lookout for an email from our team in case they need you to make any edits or need more information from you.

Our fantastic customer support team is always there to support you. Feel free to chat with us or email us at for your query resolution.

Updated on: 07/22/2023

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