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What is the policy for International payments and 'Always On' campaigns?

Yes you can accept international payments through the Crowdera platform. For Campaigns created by nonprofits in India, foreign donations can be accepted only after submitting FCRA via the Crowdera platform.

For campaigns accepting Foreign funding and for campaigns with "Always On" mode, the amount which is received in campaigns or fundraisers gets transferred into beneficiary account 120 days after the campaign ends.

Disbursement process will be initiated from our end after 120 days from the date of last contribution received, in order to match our charge-back policy and the minimum disbursement amount should be $500.

All international disbursement will be having 7% payment gateway charge and $45 wire transfer fee. (Applicable to campaign raised in India accepting foreign funds)

Please check Payment Gateway Playbook for more information.

Our fantastic customer support team is always there to support you. Feel free to chat with us or email us at for your query resolution.

Updated on: 08/22/2019

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