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What strategy should I adopt for creating Perks in a campaign?

While giving away perks and rewards to reach the desired goal for your non-profit cause seems counter-intuitive, especially if your non-profit or foundation plans to use the funds for impact work and you don't expect any or much financial return, the fact is that a smart set of perks and rewards are key to meeting your fundraising target.
Many donors on Crowdera are there looking for impactful causes and dreams to support. To them, it’s great that they can support a non-profit or a charity and help you meet your goal but the perk and reward is really the kicker. In fact, using a system of stretch rewards and goals can help you virtually guarantee you get funded and can help blow away your initial target.

Crowdfunding rewards are more like products, services and special recognition you sell in exchange for people contributing to your campaign.

Setting up a system of reward levels, where the lowest level begins around $10 or INR 200 and the highest level reaches into the thousands, helps to incentivise people of all economic means and passion for your project. Crowdfunding rewards at the lower levels are going to be trivial items like a thank you note. Making the reward levels cumulative, meaning that each level earns the previous rewards as well, can help incentivise people to contribute to one higher level than they might otherwise.
While Crowdera platform allows you to have an unlimited number of reward levels, the minimum number should at least be three. Three is way too few reward levels. A good average number tested across successful campaigns is nine reward levels.

The more creative you can get with your crowdfunding rewards, the more you will interest random visitors to your crowdfunding campaign page.

Starting your rewards at a higher level is tempting, but keep a lower amount for some casual backers, especially for a minor thank-you reward. We usually recommend starting crowdfunding reward levels at $5 or INR 100 and moving up from there.

Crowdfunding social causes lend itself well to creative and emotional rewards. Your goal throughout the campaign page will be to strike an emotional tone and make people passionate about the cause. This will allow you to make your crowdfunding rewards less costly, emotional-type, something that the backer can wear or use to say, “I am important to this cause.”

Updated on: 07/22/2023

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