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What will I have in my dashboard? Where can I access it?

The user dashboard gives the user(s) options to create, manage, update and/or edit campaigns or fundraisers within the websites.

User(s) can also do the following:

Create websites or campaigns
Edit or delete websites or campaigns
Manage and update user profiles
Add, manage, check and modify their teams
Export and upload donor data
Download donor report
Manage donation receipts ( Individual receipts, Website receipts, Export tax receipt)
Re-send donation receipt to contributors
Check activity timeline for recent activities of user

Accessing Dashboard:

Login to your Crowdera account.

Click on the username on the top right corner of your page.

On clicking your username in the drop down menu, select the dashboard option.

In the dashboard, you will have complete access to your campaign(s) or website(s).

Click on the edit campaign option which will enable you to add more details to your campaign(s) or website(s).

Updated on: 08/21/2019

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