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Why should I post regular updates? Give me some ideas for posting updates.

Updates are a great way to rally support, rejuvenate your campaign and let donors know what has happened since they made their donation. An excellent side effect of these updates is continued momentum. If your supporters see your campaign is making progress, they may want to share again to help you reach your goal!

Your contributors, teams and those who have chosen to follow your campaign will automatically receive an email about your latest updates.

Campaign owner or co-owner can create updates for a campaign.

In addition to text, you can upload images to your campaign updates. Although there’s no limit, it’s recommended not to add more than 5 images in the update.

Ideas for posting updates

Let your supporters know how grateful you are for their help so far
Give an update on how you (or your beneficiary) is doing—and share a photo!
Simply ask supporters to continue sharing the campaign to get the word out—this is the most important thing
If applicable, share some of the kind comments that donors have posted with their donations
Let supporters know how much monetary progress you’ve made, and that even a $5 donation or share will get you closer to fulfilling your goal

To post an update, follow these steps:

Once your update has posted, you can share it on other platforms by selecting Facebook, Messenger. You can also choose to skip this step!

To edit or delete an update, please:

Remember to post updates often, to sustain the momentum you create with your campaign.

If you need any help, Crowdera is here for you, 24/7. You can either chat with us or drop a mail to

Updated on: 08/26/2019

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